Goodbye Sunshine.

While it’s here we don’t appreciate it, but when it’s gone we miss it. That’s my opinion on snow. Such a beautiful thing when you really take time to appreciate it. This was taken in the Bürgerpark one day whilst walking home from work. Just a day or two later all the snow had melted…


You’re the voice.

Today at work it is only the interns and myself hanging out while everyone is on a workshop. In my usual role of DJ I got onto the Vimeo stream and stumbled across this little gem. I wish I had thought of something like this, absolutely brill idea.. I guess there is still time! So,…


“Time may change me..”

I’m lucky enough to have a gorgeous 15 minute walk to work every morning. I get to pass this gorgeous park in Braunschweig “Bürgerpark”. There are these three trees that catch my eye some days.. Particularly in the fall.. So I’ve formed a bit of a habit of snapping them. This is the trees taken…


Sounds good to me!

Have you ever heard someone say something, responded, then realised that what they said was actually totally different to what you had thought? Meaning your response was also completely wrong? This morning I realised that in my Australia Day haze I managed to forget to buy muesli for breakfast last weekend… But any excuse for…

Snow Day on the Oker!

Snow Day!

Braunschweig’s first real snow day of the year! And my first real “winters day!”. Absolutely incredible sights over the Oker on the chilly walk to work. Unfortunately no OnePiece at work allowed 😦 (I definitely am in the wrong job!!)



Perth hip-hop lad Drapht talks success, destiny and  trolley rides (in my first EVER music interview for METIOR magazine, back in the day!) Interview: March, 2011. Media: METIOR Magazine; Perth, Western Australia. Interviewee: Paul Ridge (Drapht) You have said The Life of Riley is all about being your own man and answering to yourself –…


Architecture in Helsinki.

Australian Indie-Pop group, Architecture in Helsinki talks share housing, travel, culture and making albums in a laundry. Interview: September, 2011. Media: METIOR Magazine; Perth, Western Australia. Interviewee: Cameron Bird, lead vocals. You’ve always had a bit of an electronic sound in your songs throughout the years and in this latest album it’s a bit more…